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Hearing Participants Toolbox

Hearing Participants are individuals or groups who were granted commenter or intervener status by the Board. As a Hearing Participant, you can share your views about a proposed project to assist the Board in making a decision or recommendation. The toolbox for hearing participants provides useful resources, step-by-step instructions and tips on how to register as a commenter or intervenor in a hearing process and how to participate effectively in a hearing.

Access the NEB’s Participation System now.

How to manage your online NEB Account?

To Apply to Participate in a hearing or to submit documents electronically during a hearing, you must create an online NEB Account. You can use either the Sign-In Partner method or sign in with your GCKey.

The Sign-In Partner method allows you to access online services using the same login information you use for other online services, such as online banking.

A GCKey is a unique User ID and password that allows you to communicate securely with online government programs and services. You may already have a GCKey account from other interactions with the Government of Canada, such as booking a campsite with Parks Canada.

The PowerPoint presentations below include step-by-step instructions for creating and managing your NEB Account.

How to create a GCKey and NEB account?
This presentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a GCKey account and a NEB account.

How to log into your existing NEB account with your GCKey?
This presentation provides step-by-step instructions for logging into your NEB Account with your GCKey account.

How to participate in a Hearing?

There are typically two ways that individuals or groups may be able to participate in a hearing: by writing a Letter of Comment or as an Intervenor. Intervenors can file evidence, ask questions about other participants’ evidence and may be asked about their own evidence. A Commenter can share their views or expertise related to a project in a written letter.

Tools for Registered Commenters

As a Commenter, how can I be involved in a hearing process?
This presentation provides a brief overview on how you can participate in a hearing process as a Commenter.

How to prepare a Letter of Comment
In this presentation, you will find tips for preparing your Letter of Comment.

Tools for Registered Intervenors

As an Intervenor, how can I be involved in a hearing process?
This presentation provides a brief overview on how you can participate in a hearing process as an Intervenor.

How can I file confidential information as evidence?
In some cases, you can ask that your evidence is not shared publically. Find out more in this presentation.

How do I prepare a motion?
This presentation provides a brief overview of what a procedural motion is and tips on how to prepare and file your motion.

How to prepare for Final Argument?
This is brief overview of final argument, draft conditions, and tips on preparing your final argument and your response to another party’s argument.

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