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Detailed Route & Realignments

As set out in its decision [Filing C00593], issued to Trans Mountain, NEB decisions and orders prior to the Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) decision will remain valid, unless the NEB decides that relevant circumstances have materially changed. A review of any of these decisions or orders could be done on the NEB’s own motion, due to new information from Trans Mountain, or an application for review.

With respect to resuming detailed route processes, Trans Mountain must issue notices to landowners along the entire route, including those that were served previously, and place public notices in local publications. The NEB will also notify affected Indigenous peoples of the detailed route approval process [Folder 3808650].

For the NEB to review a prior detailed route decision, proceed with a detailed route hearing that was underway, or hold a new hearing, a new Statement of Opposition (SOO) must be filed with the NEB, within 30 days of receiving notice, even if the filer previously filed a SOO. Instructions and forms to do so are included below and Process Advisors are available to assist.

Proposed Project Route

Trans Mountain has filed its Plan, Profile, and Book of Reference (PPBoR) for the entire proposed Project route [Folder 3808418]. The PPBoR has been filed by segment (1-7), which shows the precise location of the proposed pipeline route, as well as the landowners and occupants for all tracts of land required for the Project. Consulting the PPBoR may help landowners and the public in determining if they are potentially affected by the detailed route.

Trans Mountain is notifying landowners in phases (by segment). Trans Mountain is required to submit confirmation when these notifications are completed [Folder 3808419]. The deadline to file a SOO will vary according to when notification for that segment is completed:

Segment of the Route, SOO Deadline, Public Notices
Segment of the Route SOO Deadline Public Notices
Segment 1 (Greater Edmonton) September 13, 2019 Public Notice – Segment 1 [PDF 3237 KB]
Segment 2 (Yellowhead) October 7, 2019 (excludes substituted service notices) Public Notice – Segment 2 [PDF 5052 KB]
Segment 3 (North Thompson 1)  October 16, 2019 (excludes substituted service notices) Public Notice – Segment 3 [PDF 7257 KB]
Segment 4 (North Thompson 2)  October 16, 2019 (excludes substituted service notices) Public Notice – Segment 4 [PDF 1012 KB]
Segment 5 (BC Interior)  October 16, 2019 (excludes substituted service notices) Public Notice – Segment 5 [PDF 5606 KB]
Segment 6 (Fraser Valley) October 16, 2019 (excludes substituted service notices) Public Notice – Segment 6 [PDF 5624 KB]
Segment 7.1 – 7.6 (Lower Mainland)
 October 16, 2019 (excludes substituted service notices) Public Notice – Segment 7 [PDF 7223 KB]
Segment 7.7 (Lower Mainland)  October 7, 2019

Filing a Statement of Opposition

Complete instructions for filing a Statement of Opposition (SOO) are included in the SOO form [PDF 1214 KB] [WORD 130 KB].

This Detailed Route Process will not reconsider the need for, or the merits of, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. This process will also not consider any compensation matters, such as land acquisition and/or damages.

The only matters to be considered in a Detailed Route Process are:

  1. the best possible detailed route of the pipeline;
  2. the most appropriate methods of construction of the pipeline; and
  3. the most appropriate timing of construction of the pipeline.

Once a SOO form has been completed, it can be submitted electronically using the E-File system, selecting – 2019 – Trans Mountain Detailed Route- from the Project list drop down menu, or by printing and completing the form and submitting it by fax, mail, or in-person delivery.

For any questions about this form, filing it, or the detailed route hearing process, please contact a Process Advisor by phone at 1-800-899-1265 (toll-free) or by email at TMX.ProcessHelp@cer-rec.gc.ca.

The NEB’s decision sets out how all regulatory processes, including further details on detailed route processes for the Project will move forward. More information is available on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project main page.

ARCHIVED – Detailed Route & Realignments

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