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Future of Nuclear Generation in Canada

Looking forward, nuclear energy generation will continue to play an important but diminishing role in Canada. The cost of building new nuclear facilities continues to increase, while efficiency and technology improvements continue to reduce the cost of building new renewable electricity generation facilities. Investments are planned over the next two decades to extend the life of Canada’s nuclear generating facilities, but with no new capacity expected and one plant closure, nuclear generation is projected to decrease.

Figure 13 : Canada electricity generation projection (2016 - 2040)

Figure 13 : Canada electricity generation projection (2016 - 2040)

Source : In EF2017, the NEB projects that from 2016 to 2040, nuclear generation in Canada will decrease by 9%, from 95 TW.h in 2016 to 87 TW.h in 2040 (Figure 13). By 2040, nuclear is projected to supply 12% of Canada’s electricity, falling from the second to the third largest generation type, displaced by increased generation from non-hydro renewables and natural gas.

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