Integrated Energy Analysis

Integrated Energy Analysis

In regulating oil and gas exports, the Commission is required to ensure that the quantity of oil or gas to be exported “does not exceed the surplus remaining after due allowance has been made for the reasonably foreseeable requirements for use in Canada” (Section 118 of the National Energy Board Act). Also, Part II of the Act states that the Commission shall study and keep under review energy matters over which Parliament has jurisdiction, and provide the Minister with such advice as the Minister may request.

The following cross-commodity analysis and publications are included:

Canada’s Energy Future
Long term analyses are required to ensure that oil and gas exports do not exceed the surplus remaining after Canada’s reasonably foreseeable energy needs are met in the long-term.

Energy Markets

  • Market Snapshots
    Regular energy information updates illustrate emerging trends in various segments of the energy market. They provide topical energy information to Canadians.
  • Commodity Prices and Trade Updates
    Monthly summary update of benchmark prices and export volumes for oil, natural gas, propane, and electricity.
  • Canadian Energy Dynamics
    An annual report provides an ex post analysis of the functioning of energy markets and the adequacy of infrastructure in the previous year.
  • Canadian Energy Overview (CEO)
    The CEO provides basic data on Canadian energy supply and markets in a given year.

Canada’s pipeline system portal
The CER is committed to increasing the amount of energy and pipeline information available to the public, and this new Pipeline Portal complements information already published by the CER. This includes a recently launched interactive Pipeline Map, a regularly updated Safety and Environmental Performance Dashboard, and detailed financial analysis of Canada's Pipeline Transportation System.


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