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TransCanada Keystone Pipeline GP Ltd. applied [Filing A21262] to the NEB to build and operate the Keystone XL Pipeline. On March 11, 2010 after careful consideration of the evidence, the NEB approved the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, subject to 22 conditions.

The Canadian portion of the project includes 529 kilometres of pipeline from Hardisty, Alberta to the Canada/US border at Monchy, Saskatchewan.

The 914 millimetre outside diameter or nominal pipe size 36 pipeline will ship approximately 111 300 m3/d (700,000 barrels per day) of crude oil. The pipeline was designed to be expandable to 143 100 m3/d (900,000 barrels per day).

The project also includes an initiating pump station, three 55,600 m3 (350,000 barrels) operational tanks, associated manifold piping and other related facilities at the Hardisty Terminal. Downstream of Hardisty, there project includes seven pump stations and associated facilities. This project requires approximately 50 km of new right-of-way.

The Keystone XL Pipeline is an addition to Base Keystone, a pipeline which already runs from Hardisty, Alberta to Haskett, Manitoba. The Base Keystone Pipeline was approved by the NEB in 2007 and began operation in 2010. The Base Keystone system includes the Keystone Pipeline and the Cushing expansion, which went into operation in 2014. The Base Keystone pipeline, together with the Keystone XL Project, is referred to as the Keystone system.

Pipeline Route

Map of Keystone XL plus Keystone plus Cushing expansion

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North Spread

Map of Keystone XL North Spread

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