National Energy Board – 2018–19 Departmental Results Report – Supplementary information tables

Details on transfer payment programs of $5 million or more

General information

Disclosure of transfer payment programs under $5 million
Name of transfer payment program Participant Funding Program (PFP)
Payments are voted
Start date 24 June 2010
End date Ongoing
Type of transfer payment Contribution
Type of appropriation The program is appropriated annually through Estimates.
Fiscal year for terms and conditions 2018–19
Link to the department’s Program Inventory Participant Funding
Description The Participant Funding Program provides funding to facilitate the participation intervenors in hearings held by the National Energy Board with respect to new or abandonment projects or powerlines and Environmental Assessments of designated projects.

PFP contributions are non-repayable as they are intended to reimburse the actual costs of participating and are not made to for-profit businesses to generate profits or increase the value of the businesses. The activities funded by PFP result in public participation and information on the public hearing record which is a benefit accrue broadly to the Canadian public rather than to the recipient directly.
Results achieved
Results achieved
DRF Measure Target FY18–19
I4: % agree funding enabled participation 90% 100%
N5: % service standards met 80% 100%
N6: % applicants who are satisfied 80% 89%
Findings of audits completed in 2018–19 No audit was conducted.
Findings of evaluations completed in 2018–19 No evaluation was conducted.
Engagement of applicants and recipients in 2018–19 Applicants have the opportunity to provide feedback on the application form and Recipients can provide feedback on the claim form. Responses are compiled quarterly and reported against DRF measure I4 and N6.

Financial information (dollars)

Financial information (dollars)
Type of
transfer payment
Actual spending
Actual spending
Planned spending
Total authorities
available for use
Actual spending
(authorities used)
Total grants n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Total contributions $794,359 $2,476,558 $1,364,067 $6,354,067 $5,089,723 $3,725,656
Total other types of transfer payments n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
Total program $794,359 $2,476,558 $1,364,067 $6,354,067 $5,089,723 $3,725,656
Explanation of variances The Participant Funding Program (PFP) is demand driven and actual spending is a function of the number of hearings, the number of recipients, and when hearings end. These factors are not known when estimates are approved. The NEB requested incremental funding for the TransMountain Reconsideration in 2018–19. Recipients may receive less than the funding amount awarded as PFP is reimbursement-based program. Recipients may spent less or claim for costs that are ineligible (e.g., not related to participating in NEB hearing). These factors are beyond the control of the program.
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