Canada Energy Regulator – 2020–21 Departmental Plan

Canada Energy Regulator – 2020–21 Departmental Plan [PDF 1076 KB]

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The original version was signed by

C. Peter Watson, P.Eng., FCAE
Canada Energy Regulator

The original version was signed by

The Honourable Seamus O’Regan, P.C., M.P.
Natural Resources

Table of Contents

Message from the Chairperson

Cassie Doyle, ChairpersonIt is an honour to share this inaugural Departmental Plan on behalf of the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) for 2020–21. This Departmental Plan documents the work of the CER to fulfill our mandate as set out in the Canadian Energy Regulator Act (CER Act)Footnote 1.

Since being appointed to chair the CER in August 2019, I have been very impressed by the dedication and commitment of the CER’s employees. It is clear that they are highly motivated to keep energy moving safely and efficiently through our country’s pipelines and power lines on behalf of all Canadians. Their expertise allows them to share a wealth of energy data and information, and enforce some of the strictest safety and environmental standards in the world, while also enhancing Canada’s global competitiveness.

The new CER Act establishes the foundation for a modern, world-class regulator that is trusted and carries the confidence of Canadians. The legislation introduced a modern governance structure that provides a clear separation between the strategic, operational and adjudicative functions of the organization. The Board of Directors is focused on providing strategic advice and direction to the organization and ensures high-level results. The CEO is responsible for management and daily operations. The CER’s Commission is responsible for independent adjudicative decisions.

The CER Act contains key commitments:

  • ensuring safety, security and environmental protection;
  • enhancing Canada’s global competitiveness;
  • increasing transparency, diversity and inclusion;
  • advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples; and
  • driving innovation.

Work is well underway at the CER to advance all of these commitments. I am particularly encouraged by the concerted effort being carried out by the CER to meaningfully engage with Indigenous Peoples – contributing to the Government of Canada’s overall commitment to advancing reconciliation.

The Board of Directors looks forward to guiding this important work and seeing continued growth towards a sustainable future.

Cassie Doyle
Board of Directors of the Canada Energy Regulator

Message from the CEO

Peter Watson, CEOAs Chief Executive Officer, I am proud to lead over 500 passionate employees in delivering the regulation of pipelines, energy development and trade on behalf of Canadians in a way that protects the public and the environment while supporting efficient markets.

The CER operates in a changing external environment where Canadians are deeply engaged in, and hold a wide range of perspectives on, energy and environmental issues. It is incumbent on the CER to be open, transparent, and incorporate Canadians’ diverse views and ideas into our work to achieve improved regulatory outcomes.

Over the next year, as outlined in this Departmental Plan, the CER will deliver on our Core Responsibilities of Energy Adjudication, Safety and Environment Oversight, Energy Information, and Engagement. In support of this, we will focus on three key enterprise-wide areas. These will fulfil the commitment of the CER Act to be a trusted, world-class regulator that enhances competitiveness.

  • Supporting reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples through open dialogue, sharing perspectives, collaboration and co-development. Transforming how we work with Indigenous Peoples will help us be a better regulator, improve safety and environmental outcomes, and deliver a more predictable, coherent, and transparent regulatory environment.
  • Investing in our people so they can meet the evolving demands of our work and better serve the people of Canada. The benefits that come from having an engaged workforce – high productivity, leading edge quality work, innovation and safe working environments – will benefit our stakeholders, partners, the industry we regulate, and Canadians.
  • Using our expansive data to gain insights and better protect people and the environment, and making our data more accessible, open and easier to understand so people can use it to make better decisions about energy. Innovation in data management, engagement, and analytics will unlock higher performance and improved service to the public.

Our job as a regulator has evolved beyond making decisions on individual projects. We are leaders in understanding the national energy system, and we thoughtfully analyze system-wide matters. We work with communities and regulated companies to ensure our own understanding of Canada’s energy landscape. I am confident that 2020–21 will be the start of a new and exciting future for the CER and the stakeholders and citizens we serve.

C. Peter Watson, P.Eng., FCAE
Canada Energy Regulator

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