National Energy Board – 2018–19 Departmental Plan

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The original version was signed by

C. Peter Watson, P.Eng., FCAE
Chair and CEO
National Energy Board

The original version was signed by

The Honourable Jim Carr, P.C., M.P.
Natural Resources

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Message from the Chair and CEO

As Canada’s energy regulator, the National Energy Board (NEB) regulates pipelines, energy development and trade on behalf of Canadians in a way that protects the public and the environment while supporting efficient markets. Every day, the work of the NEB touches the lives of Canadians and affects what matters to them: their land, environment, water, jobs, communities, safety and their well-being.

The NEB’s 2018–19 Departmental Plan shares the organization’s story with Parliamentarians and Canadians, and it focuses on delivering on four core responsibilities: Energy Adjudication, Safety and Environment Oversight, Energy Information, and Engagement. The plan also marks the completion of one full cycle of the NEB’s Departmental Results Framework (DRF) – which is the first step in its transformation to a modern organization that delivers an energy regulatory framework that inspires public confidence.

The NEB welcomes the opportunity to present its plans to the Government of Canada. It helps Canadians assess our progress. It helps keep us accountable. And it drives us to focus on what is working well, where the gaps might be, and how we will continually improve.

As the NEB’s 2018–19 Departmental Plan is tabled in Parliament, the government will be moving forward on proposed legislationFootnote 1 that will modernize the NEB as part of its comprehensive two-year review of Canada’s environmental and regulatory processesFootnote 2.

Not only is the NEB positioned to respond to the government of Canada’s policy and legislative direction, but we are looking forward to modernization, guided by a commitment to build an organization that is agile and able to adapt to any change that comes its way.

The NEB recognizes that we have much work to do:

  • The NEB needs to drive systemic shifts in how we – and the pipeline industry – view safety and safety culture, connecting the NEB’s regulatory actions to objective performance data, trends and analysis;
  • The NEB will continue to publish unbiased factual energy and pipeline information, to build trust with Canadians and help make energy conversations constructive;
  • The NEB will improve how we engage with Indigenous Peoples. The NEB is committed to listening to Indigenous Peoples to find new and innovative ways to meaningfully engage with them and to help ensure that the ground-breaking new ‘Indigenous Advisory Monitoring Committees’(IAMC) are effective;
  • The NEB will respond to the expectations of Canadians for more transparent and inclusive processes as seen through its expanded engagement activities with municipalities, landowners, and other stakeholders, and;
  • The NEB will adhere steadfastly to our new mission and the delivery of the NEB’s core results, through the positive change that modernization brings

And the NEB will do this work in a way that demonstrates its commitment to the values and ethics code for the public sectorFootnote 3, regulatory excellenceFootnote 4, exemplary leadership, continuous improvement, and an emphasis on the prevention of harm to better serve the public interest.

C. Peter  Watson, P.Eng., FCAE
Chair and CEO
National Energy Board

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