On Wednesday, Aug. 28, the National Energy Board (NEB) became the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). For further information please visit our Implementing the Canadian Energy Regulator Act information page

National Energy Board – 2019–20 Departmental Plan

Supplementary information tables

Disclosure of transfer payment programs under $5 million

General information

Disclosure of transfer payment programs under $5 million
Name of transfer payment program National Energy Board Participant Funding Program (PFP)
Payments are voted
End date Ongoing
Type of transfer payment Contribution
Type of appropriation The program is appropriated annually through Estimates
Link to department’s Program Inventory Core Responsibility: Energy Adjudication
Program: Participant Funding
Main objective The National Energy Board’s (NEB) Participant Funding Program provides funding to facilitate the participation of interveners in hearings with respect to new or abandonment projects for pipelines or power lines and Environmental Assessments of designated projects.
Planned spending in 2019–20 (dollars) $2,364,067
Fiscal year of last completed evaluation 2015–16
Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation (if applicable) 2021–22
General targeted recipient groups Eligible recipients include: individuals, Indigenous groups, and not-for-profit organizations.
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