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Cost Recovery Liaison Committee – Terms of Reference


In conjunction with the administration of its cost recovery process, the National Energy Board (NEB) has established a Cost Recovery Liaison Committee (Committee or CRLC).

The purpose of the Committee is to

  • provide a forum for industry to have a thorough understanding of the Board’s costs;
  • provide a forum to raise issues/concerns relating to cost recovery processes and methods, and
  • to discuss the National Energy Board Cost Recovery Regulations (Regulations).

Mandate of the Cost Recovery Liaison Committee

Cost recovery processes are governed by the Regulations and decisions on cost recovery matters are made by the Board in accordance with the Regulations and Board’s mandate under the National Energy Board Act.

The Committee has no decision making authority. It may consider, discuss and recommend on cost recovery matters and is intended to provide a forum for representatives from regulated companies to receive information about the cost recovery process.

Roles and Responsibilities

On an annual basis, the NEB communicates to the Committee

  • the NEB audited financial statements for review and discussion;
  • information regarding current and future (next 3 years) cost estimates; and
  • Report on Plans and Priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

Chairperson and Membership

Chairperson: the Chief Financial Officer at the NEB or the Deputy Chief Financial Officer at the NEB.


Appointed by the Board to oversee the Committee’s secretarial functions and maintain a current list of all Committee members.


Representatives from any regulated company are eligible to participate in the Committee’s meetings and/or receive information provided to Committee members. In addition, a representative from the industry associations representing regulated companies are invited to attend the Committee meetings.

Meeting Logistics

  • The Committee generally holds meetings twice a year as follows:
    • Fall: to review the next year’s cost recovery estimates; and
    • Spring: to discuss any Federal Government budget funding impacts to the NEB.
  • Additional meetings may be called by the Committee if the need arises.
  • Meeting invite will be sent at least two weeks in advance of the meeting to facilitate maximum representation.
  • Final meeting agenda and meeting materials will be issued approximately one week in advance of the meeting.
  • Draft minutes/records of decisions will be prepared and distributed by the NEB to Committee members after each Committee meeting. Members will respond with comments within a month of receiving the draft minutes/records of decision.
  • Meetings will be convened at the NEB offices in Calgary. Teleconferencing capabilities will be provided for Committee members who plan to call in to the meetings.

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Mark Power
VP Performance and Results/Chief Financial Officer

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