Pipeline Performance Measures

Public safety and environmental protection are top priorities for us and our approach is to be proactive. To help with this, we ask that companies report to us on the performance of systems they have in place to protect the public and the environment. We are also committed to continual improvement and to keeping pipelines a safe method of transporting energy.

Annual Reporting Form

The following annual reporting form is filled out and submitted by specified companies on April 1 for data from the preceding calendar year.

Our annual report on performance

Every year we release a report with information on pipeline performance measures we gather from companies we regulate. These performance measures are necessary to both effectively manage systems in place and to find ways to improve them. When tracked over time, we can observe trends that help us better assess performance and provide benchmarks for industry.

The measures cover key activities required by the CER for safety management, security, emergency management, integrity management, environmental protection, and damage prevention.

How we use the data

Data gathered helps give us a picture of the operations of companies we regulate. We incorporate findings from the report into the work we do, using them as a guide for how we can better regulate pipeline operations.

What we expect

We require certain companies that own or operate pipelines to annually report on performance measures. Companies are expected to follow the Pipeline Performance Measures Reporting Guidance when reporting performance measures to the CER.

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Contact us

For questions about this report, reporting, or guidance, or to give feedback on how we can improve our pipeline performance measures, please email Pipeline.Measures@cer-rec.gc.ca or contact the CER.

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