Plains Midstream Eastern Delivery System Tolls Complaint

Plains Midstream Eastern Delivery System Tolls Complaint

Regulatory Documents

Regulatory Documents for this project [Folder 3028317]

What’s New

  • 2 September 2016 – Process Decision for RH-002-2016 hearing [Filing A79267]

Project Information

On March 1 and March 8, Plains Midstream Canada ULC (Plains) filed tariff nos. 87, 88, 94 and 95 [Folder 3027875] with the Board. These tariffs apply to the transportation of natural gas liquids and products on the Eastern Delivery System – North and South Pipelines as well as the Sarnia Downstream Pipeline. Pembina Resources (Pembina) filed a complaint with the Board on March 23, 2016 regarding the tolls in the proposed tariff application.

On April 1 2016, the Board approved the tolls on an interim basis and invited comments on Pembina’s complaint. The Board received comments from Plains and Pembina.

Review Process

The Board is establishing an oral hearing to consider the issues raised in Pembina’s complaint. The Board will hold a pre-hearing technical conference on 12 October, 2016 at 9 am in the Board’s Hearing Room.

All submissions are due by noon, Calgary time, on the date specified.

Step Action Timing
1. Service of this procedural directive 8 September 2016
2. Registration or application to participate submitted via the NEB Participation Portal 22 September 2016
3. List of Parties issued 28 September 2016
4. Pre-hearing technical conference 12 October 2016
5. Written evidence identified at technical conference submitted To be confirmed
6. Information requests on all parties simultaneously issued To be confirmed
7. Letters of comment (if applicable) To be confirmed
8. Responses to information requests submitted To be confirmed
9. Motion Day for motions arising from responses to information requests To be confirmed
10. Begin the oral hearing To be confirmed
11. Decision 1 to 12 weeks from close of record


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