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Please note that certain documents in this section are available in PDF format only. To inquire about receiving these documents in another format, please contact the Regulatory Data Analyst.

Additional approval may also be required from other federal and territorial departments and agencies as well as from other agencies or boards set up as a result of various land claim settlements.

Please follow the instructions on each form to mail or fax the application accordingly.

COGOA forms

Application to Change a Well Name

Approval to Alter Condition of a Well

Approval to Drill a Well

Consent to the Disclosure of Information Related to Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Declaration by Applicant

Diving Program Authorization

Environmental Study Authorization

Geological Operation Authorization

Geophysical Operation Authorization

Geotechnical Operation, Engineering Feasibility or Seabed Survey Authorization

Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Product Component Information Disclosure Record

Operations Authorization

Production Data Forms

Well Inspection Report

Well Termination Record

CPRA forms

Applications for Declaration of Significant Discovery and Commercial Discovery - Directly Affected Persons

Other forms

Event Reporting System

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