Enbridge Hearing wraps up on Mainline Contracting

July 16, 2021

The Enbridge Mainline Contracting hearing wrapped up today after nearly eight weeks. The oral hearing was one of the largest tolling and virtual hearings in our history and followed many months of written filings and questions.

The hearing included 39 intervenors from industry and provincial governments. They presented evidence about contract negotiations, risk, tolling principles and commercial arrangements. These are just a few of the issues that the CER’s three-member panel must consider when making their decision.

A decision is expected in late 2021, once the Commission has considered all the evidence and arguments that were presented.

Enbridge applied to change the way it offers service on its Canadian Mainline by allowing shippers to sign long-term contracts for priority access to 90 per cent of the pipeline’s capacity. The decision may have an impact on western Canadian producers whose products are transported on the Canadian Mainline to destinations in Canada and the United States. The decision on this Application will not affect the overall capacity of the pipeline system, but rather the way different market participants access and pay to use it.

Refineries in the Sarnia area as well as Nanticoke are served by the Canadian Mainline, as are refineries in Quebec via Enbridge’s connected Line 9. The Enbridge Mainline (Line 5 and 78 combined) delivers about 700,000 barrels per day into eastern Canada.

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