Top 10 Reasons We are a Top 100 Employer!

Top 10 Reasons We are a Top 100 Employer! [PDF 11889 KB]

The Canada Energy Regulator (formerly the National Energy Board) has been named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2019. Our employees are our most valued resource and we depend on them to make our goals a reality. To that end, it is critical we provide them with the best benefits, culture, programs, and learning opportunities that we can. This our eighth win in nine years, so we wanted to share with you a little bit about why we continue to receive this award:

  1. We have an office building close to all amenities – Located right downtown Calgary, our new state of the art building is in close proximity to medical centres, dental offices, public parking, restaurants, shopping and much more. We are an easy commute with quick access to Calgary Transit and the cycle track network (our staff finished third in our category of Calgary’s recent Commuter Challenge!). The building itself is equipped with its own underground parking lot including bicycle cages, a wellness room (for when you need a break), collaboration areas, a gym, large kitchens and a rooftop patio (with outdoor bbq). Every employee’s work station is also equipped with ergonomic features such as a sit-stand desk, moveable computer monitors…etc.
  2. We support continuing education and professional development – We are a knowledge organization that succeeds through the applied knowledge of its staff. We offer tuition subsidies, support for continuing education, subsidies for professional association memberships, coaching and mentoring programs, in-house training programs, on-line training programs… to name a few!
  3. We have fantastic health benefits – All of our employees are provided group health and insurance coverage through the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) benefit plans. You can also coordinate your benefits with other health plans!
  4. We are flexible to your schedule – We offer flexible start /finish time options to our employees from their first day of work. Staff can also earn extra time off in the form of banked time or overtime. Need to work from home occasionally or even permanently? No worries! Staff can be equipped with work from home capabilities to telework. 
  5. We have great vacation and leave benefits! – New employees start off with three weeks of vacation and also receive all statutory holidays off (that’s 12 extra days a year!). We also provide Education Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Parental Leave, Relocation of Spouse Leave, Personal Needs Leave, and Leave Without Pay for the Long-term Care of a Family Member.
  6. We have awesome sports teams and fun social events – We support and encourage our staff to organize sports teams made up of CER staff. We currently have a dodgeball team, a running club, a mountain biking club, a soccer team, a curling team, and participate in the Kananaskis 100 mile Relay each year. We also have a social club called the FUN Committee that coordinates everything from karaoke nights to golf tournaments to various parties for the holidays (St. Paddy’s, Valentines, Christmas...etc.)
  7. We love our community! – We support our community through the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC), a charitable giving option developed exclusively for federal public servants and federal retirees. Through the GCWCC, public servants can support United Ways/Centraides, HealthPartners or any other registered Canadian charity of their choosing. We also support our staff who want to go beyond the workplace and contribute to other charities by providing everyone with time off in the form of a volunteer day. These days can be used to support any charity or non-profit organization.
  8. We recognize the amazing work of our staff – Our employees are recognized every year at our Annual Recognition Ceremony. Staff are nominated for various categories and winners are selected via a committee. We also offer Instant Awards whereby a leader can recognize an employee anytime throughout the year as well as a “Kudos” program that notifies an employee’s leader of their great job!
  9. We celebrate culture and diversity – We promote diversity within the workforce and continue to improve our representation from within the various employment equity groups. We regularly post information on our intranet supporting diversity and host various culture events throughout the year. For example, Indigenous Awareness Week features a variety of activities and functions showcasing Indigenous culture. We also have the Collectif Franco whose purpose is to promote the French language and culture at the CER.
  10. Our staff are bar-none the best! – We are not just a Top 100 Employer, but rather a “Top 100 Team”. Our staff are fiercely proud of the work they do – whether managing complex public hearings, walking pipelines to conduct inspections, or the myriad of other tasks that we perform daily to ensure that Canada’s energy infrastructure is safe and reliable. Are you looking for interesting and challenging work at a great organization? Join us today!
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